Our colleague, Tek Raj Chhetri from the University of Southampton, recently had the honor of participating in two prestigious events – KGSWC-2023 Winter School and the Pacific Rim International Workshop on Applied Knowledge Graphs.

The heart of these gatherings pulsated with discussions surrounding the strategic utilization of semantic technology, specifically ontologies and knowledge graphs, to spearhead the development of privacy-preserving and GDPR-compliant systems. This focus stands as a beacon guiding the path toward a data-driven economy.

Key Insights:

  1. GDPR Compliance and Privacy: The discourse explored the pivotal role of shared common vocabularies, particularly ontologies, in the construction of robust systems aligned with GDPR standards. Drawing parallels with the UPCAST project’s technological approach, emphasis was placed on ensuring privacy while harnessing the immense power embedded in data.

  2. Explainable AI: In-depth discussions unfolded regarding the integration of knowledge graphs into Explainable AI, illuminating the profound impact of transparent models on comprehending AI predictions. This not only adheres to regulatory requirements but also contributes significantly to building trust and fostering accountability in AI applications.

  3. Knowledge Graphs and Deep Learning: The sessions shone a light on the harmonious collaboration between knowledge graphs and deep learning, highlighting the augmented predictive capabilities that arise from their seamless integration. The UPCAST project, with its innovative methodology, took center stage, garnering attention and recognition in discussions at both events.

These engagements stand as a testament to the pivotal role that semantic technology plays in shaping the future trajectory of data-driven economies. The discussions offered profound insights into the transformative potential within the realms of privacy, GDPR compliance, and the advancement of AI through explainability



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