orderless Cyber 2023 Session on Operationalized Security and Privacy

In a past session at the Borderless Cyber 2023 event, Dr. Mariza Koukovini from the Upcast project delivered a presentation on “Empowering Success through Operationalized Security and Privacy.” The session explored challenges and solutions in the dynamic field of cybersecurity: 

The presentation was divided into two main themes:

  1. Operationalizing Security and Privacy: Dr. Koukovini discussed the persistent challenge of balancing human considerations, regulations, and technical implementations in the realm of cybersecurity. The presentation provided practical insights into ensuring that deployed systems align effectively with regulatory and policy frameworks.

  2. Automation in Security and Privacy: Automation was a key aspect of responding swiftly to cybersecurity threats. The session included a review of successful infrastructure and security tools that enabled quick, automated, and synchronized responses, reducing the reliance on human intervention. The importance of information sharing, coordinated responses, and global collaboration in strengthening cybersecurity was also explored.

Presentation Overview: GoodFlows – A Framework for Automating Compliance of Business Processes and Data Processing Workflows

Presenter: Dr. Mariza Koukovini, Senior Research Engineer, ICT abovo P.C.

Presentation Abstract: Dr. Koukovini’s presentation focused on GoodFlows, a solution designed to assist organizations in ensuring compliance with data protection requirements, with a particular emphasis on GDPR.

The solution comprised two essential pillars:

1. a semantic policy-based access and usage control framework and a process planning

2. re-engineering framework.

The presentation covered topics such as expressive rule specification, real-time decision-making on access authorizations, and a methodology for automating compliance assessment and transformation of process models. GoodFlows aimed to streamline compliance efforts, minimize errors, and enhance scalability.