UPCAST Project Biomedical and Genomic Data Sharing

Biomedical and Genomic data sharing

Several barriers still retain a great amount of Biomedical and Genomic data underexploited. Privacy-related concerns, ownership and intellectual property issues, utilisation of different analytical pipelines and different vocabularies for data description, as well as storage of data in diverse file formats, are among the challenges that have to be faced in order to facilitate integration and interpretation of data from different sources and facilitate data sharing.
Contribution to UPCAST:

NHRF is going to pilot privacy-preserving biomedical and genomic data sharing as well as integration of heterogeneous genomic data from different sources. In the frame of UPCAST, we are working on the development of semi-automated agreements to facilitate the establishment of multi-disciplinary collaborations between clinicians, biologists and data scientists, ensuring compliance with ethical and legal issues. In parallel, we are adapting our analytical tools and workflows to agree with the FAIR principles and international standards to support harmonisation and integration of heterogeneous data.


Contact person:

Olga Papadodima & Konstantinos Voutetakis

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon Research and Innovation Actions under Grant Agreement nº 101093216.